Dengue Fever Update Asia

Malaysia's Dengue fever cases are down, dropping by half over last year’s figures for the same period. Read more

Myanmar: Anticipated peak. After the reported outbreak two weeks ago, the government has called for measures to tackle dengue fever and its mosquito vectors in anticipation of a peak in the cycle of infections this year. Read more 

Nepal: Dengue fever's early arrival. The monsoons have not as yet arrived but two dengue fever cases have been confirmed in southern parts of Kathmandu. In past years, mosquitoes capable of transmitting dengue (& chikungunya) have been found in Kathmandu valley prompting the Dept. of Health to initiate a dengue awareness campaign early in the season. Read more

New Caledonia: Two deaths reported. The health department continues to urge the use of all measures to repel mosquitoes with news of two more deaths due to dengue fever-related causes, taking the season’s toll to 10. Read more 

Sri Lanka: Increased risk. Following recent heavy rains, the risk of insect- (dengue fever) & water-borne illnesses (cholera, dysentery) has escalated. Suspected dengue fever cases have already topped 55,000 for the year - over 42% of those are from the Western province. Read more 

Thailand: 19 deaths. While there has been 11,000 reported cases, 19 dengue-related deaths have been confirmed this year. The provinces of Songkla, Pattalung, Pattani, Narathiwat and Nakornsrithamarat in the country’s South West, on the Malay Peninsula, have been most affected. Read more 

Affected Regions