At Travel Doctor-TMVC, we abide by a set of values that inform the way we do business, inspire us to draw strength from each other and enable us to deliver outstanding service to our customers, patients and communities.

Agile and Resourceful

Responsive. Creating solutions.

We are energetic, responsive and proactive in finding solutions.

We understand our business, think logically, take responsibility and act decisively.

We embrace change and readily adapt to new systems and processes.

Energy and Passion

Live and work with vitality and commitment.

We are enthused, empowered and invigorated because we believe in what we do and the difference we make.

We inspire others in the way we conduct ourselves and by sharing our Vision.

We actively encourage a team-based culture and embrace collaboration and different perspectives.

Understanding People

Embrace diversity. Actively listen. Know yourself.

We are respectful of the diversity of cultures, beliefs and individuality which define our working community.

We understand people by actively listening and by demonstrating empathy, tolerance and patience.

We recognise and capitalise on our strengths and develop and learn from each other.

Empowerment and Growth

Creating opportunity. Encouraging initiative.

We encourage and engage in decision-making and know that our opinion is valued.

We accept responsibility for our own actions and work performance.

We recognise that our mistakes are as important to our growth as our success.

We develop business tools designed to enhance our working lives.

We seek to promote and maximise the potential in those around us.


Our people. Our community. Our clients.

We accept challenges and seek to expedite positive outcomes.

We are receptive to the needs and ideas of others in the search for common ground.

We are proactive and turn our intentions into actions.

We take an interest in those around us and seek to understand their priorities.

Celebrate the Journey

Achieve. Discover. Fun.

We enjoy success as a team by encouraging and promoting our achievements.

We reflect on our achievements but stay focused by setting new goals.

We learn continuously, adapting and evolving as an organisation.

We promote fun in the workplace and encourage participation in Sonic HealthPlus organised events and team building activities.