Established in 1987, Travel Doctor-TMVC has over 30 years’ experience providing travel vaccinations, information and advice for travellers heading overseas on a business or personal journey. Highly respected in this important field of medicine, Travel Doctor-TMVC will provide you with relevant and accurate travel advice before, during and upon your return with the latest health alerts and guides.

Travel Doctor-TMVC has dedicated clinics in the major centres of Australia and a network of alliance clinics through our parent company, Sonic HealthPlus. This enables us to deliver high quality travel medicine services throughout Australia.

Our Vision

To empower all travellers with the knowledge, tools and confidence for a safe and healthy journey. We will be risk management partners for retail and corporate travellers, delivering expert travel health services consistently across Australia.

Sonic HealthPlus

Travel Doctor-TMVC is a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of Sonic HealthPlus, Australia’s leading provider of occupational healthcare and general medicine services with 50 years’ experience. Sonic HealthPlus understands the importance of protecting the health and wellbeing of a company’s greatest asset – its workforce. Our team includes experienced health professionals of specialist occupational and environmental physicians, general practitioners, travel medicine experts, allied health professionals and medical support staff.

Proudly Australian, Sonic HealthPlus is a wholly owned subsidiary of ASX Top 50 Company, Sonic Healthcare.

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