The type of journey, destination, duration and activities you are undertaking on your trip will determine your individual needs; however these tips are a good guide to keep you safe and healthy on your next business trip.

Pre Travel Checklist

Book an appointment with Travel Doctor–TMVC each time you have a business trip.

Make sure you have adequate supplies of your regular prescription medication.

It is important for corporate travellers to ensure your routine and recommended vaccines are up to date. Ideally commence vaccinations 4-6 weeks prior to departure. But, if travelling at short notice, it is never too late to vaccinate. You can visit to see what you may require.

Make sure your passport is valid at least six months past your expected return date and that you have obtained all relevant entry visas. Carry additional copies of your passport photo page in case you need a replacement while on overseas travel.

Make sure you have complied with your employer’s travel policy and administrative requirements for your business trip.

Before you leave home to travel for business,  forward your itinerary, travel plans and contact details to your manager and nominated next of kin.

Confirm your travel insurance. Download policy details as well as emergency contact information to your mobile phone.

Check and pack your Travel Doctor-TMVC Medical Kit.

Research the destination of your corporate business travel prior to departure.

Visit for country specific health and safety advice and to register your corporate travel plans online.

Travel Tips

While travelling for business, consult you International Health Guide for Travellers if you get sick.

Notify your employer of any reportable incident that occurs while on overseas business.

Request support from your HR team or manager should you experience any difficulties as a result of overseas travel. International travel can be stressful, and psychological support is sometimes required.

Post Travel Checklist

If you are sick or injured whilst on an overseas corporate trip, you may need an appointment with Travel Doctor-TMVC upon return. Remember that some infections such as malaria can appear several months after exposure!