International Travel is one of the best educational experiences any of us can have. This fact is now well recognised as more and more schools integrate some international travel into their curricula, and students may be travelling to a very wide range of exotic locations.

Travel Doctor-TMVC has many years of assisting groups prepare for international trips, for education, recreation and competition excursions. We are experts in assisting schools, sporting groups and clubs to get the whole group fully and comprehensively prepared for their international experience.

Our professional approach to risk-managing group travel has allowed many groups to achieve exciting and optimal outcomes.

Special considerations for school and group trip travel

  • Schools and Clubs want safe, cost-effective travel, with good learning outcomes. Teachers and coaches want good group bonding, optimal educational and performance opportunities. Students usually want excitement, success and an enjoyable trip, while parents may have health and safety concerns too.
  • Students may be quite young, inexperienced and anxious. Other health concerns like menstruation, drug-use, and risk-taking behaviours can be prevalent in this group.
  • Ensuring optimal outcomes may mean tailoring advice, vaccinations and medications to suit the individual participants and the nature of the trip.
  • Travel insurance is important, and best arranged by the group.

Travel Doctor-TMVC understands all this and we try to maximise the outcomes for everyone involved. We would like to ensure that this really valuable educational opportunity is not marred by avoidable illness.

Before you go

There is enormous value in having all members of the touring party prepared in the same way. This ensures that messages are similar, advice is consistent, and avoids the problem of anxious students and parents due to conflicting information.

Avoid unnecessary vaccines, medications, side-effects and costs by getting expert advice. Each individual should have a one on one consultation with a doctor along with a parent, to address concerns they may have and explain suggested requirements for vaccinations and other needs.

While away

Seek medical advice early for injury or illness.

Travel with an appropriate medical kit, designed to meet the need of your group.


Travel Doctor-TMVC can manage any medical issues arising from travel on your return to Australia. Book an appointment with one of our doctors for post travel assessment.