You, the travel consultant can add value to the service you offer your passengers, by referring them to a Travel Doctor clinic. By taking advantage of the services facilities and products offered by The Travel Doctor-TMVC, you will be able to:

Why use the Travel Doctor-TMVC?

  • Save precious time discussing health matters
  • Fulfil your legal and ethical obligations to provide health recommendations
  • Provide your clients with information on a travel medicine provider with guaranteed up to date advice
  • Help ensure your clients have a safe and healthy trip with the possibility of them wishing again to travel

Frequently Asked Questions from Travel Agents

Can Travel Agents charge a commission for referring clients for travel medicine services?
No, commissions for referring for any kind of medical service are illegal (and severe penalties apply!). The Travel Doctor-TMVC makes sure that the value of referral is in keeping your clients well with the most professional and up-to-date service, so they come back to you again.

How can Travel Agents tell clients which vaccines are required for each destination?
We understand that you are asked this question all the time, and we also know there is no simple answer, as the recommendation for any individual depends on several factors. That is why we have developed online resources such as the Destination and Disease Facts to provide you with a guide to assist clients.  You'll also find a wealth of information on a range of poular topics on our Healthy Travel Facts blog.  For regular updates regarding outbreaks across the world, check our Health Alerts to keep updated.

Does using The Travel Doctor-TMVC mean that my clients are charged more?
Just the opposite. Using The Travel Doctor-TMVC saves your client money and time, as our experience and expertise means that travellers only get what they need, at the most competitive prices. Our surveys show many travellers have noted that we saved them money compared to using their GP.

Resources for your business:

We also want to ensure your clients are not over-serviced, and finish up getting unnecessary vaccinations and costs, as so commonly occurs at less professional services. Our one-stop shop, with trained and experienced staff, ensures your clients get value for money.

The advantages to you are:

  • You know your clients are being professionally managed, and not getting unnecessary treatments
  • You save time & worry by providing an easy way for you to refer your travellers
  • You ensure that you have met your duty-of-care obligations to your clients, and avoiding any possible litigation, because travellers were not aware of current health risks while travelling.

Talks and Presentations

Travel Doctor-TMVC staff have a long history of working closely with the travel industry to provide education & information to travel agents, travel organisations, & client groups. We have spoken to both large & small audiences, across a wide range of health-related topics. If you would like to discuss possible presentations on travel health related matters, please contact us on

Travel Health Referral Kit

We are pleased to provide Travel health Referral Kits for you to provide to your clients to help find us easily. Make your life easy and use The Travel Doctor-TMVC referral slip! Contact us on to request referral information.

Health Alerts

Keeping you up to date with the latest health alerts from around the world on our website.

Services for you:

Travel Doctor-TMVC recognises that you travel too! And, like everybody else you need to ensure your own health while travelling.

We provide all travel health products to identified bona fide travel industry staff at discounted prices.

Come in and experience what your clients do, a professional consultation with our medical staff to ensure you have the latest health information, and the best advice on vaccinations & medical requirements. Our staff will look after the most needle-shy travel agent!

See you soon.