Why should I use The Travel Doctor-TMVC instead of visiting my usual GP?

We provide expert, comprehensive and up to date travel health advice tailored for you and your trip, taking consideration of any complex or chronic medical conditions.

Do I have to see a doctor and a nurse?

Our doctors conduct a detailed travel consultation, formulating the most appropriate medical preparation for your trip, and prescribe vaccinations if required. Our nursing staff will administer the vaccines prescribed, whilst completing additional health education.

Do I have to get all the vaccinations prescribed?

No. The doctor will prescribe you vaccinations that are indicated for and relevant to your trip. You will be told of the approximate cost of the vaccinations and any common side effects. The final decision of vaccination rests with you.

What vaccines do I need?

The doctor will advise what vaccinations are required during your consultation. The vaccines required will depend on what activities you will be doing on your trip, how long you are going for, any previous vaccination history, and your medical history. You can also have a look on our website for an indication of what may be required for your destination.

How much is a doctor consultation?

Doctor consultation prices vary – our travel doctors charge a range of $95 - $165, which also varies between offices, and is subject to increase annually. There is also an additional nurse fee for any vaccinations/medications/kits etc. required.

If I need a follow up consultation with a doctor about the same trip, how much will that cost?

Most follow-up doctor consultations are charged at the Medicare rebateable rate for private travellers.

If I come with my partner/family member is the consultation price per couple or per person?

The consultation price is per person, regardless of whether you go into the consultation together. This is because the medical consultation is individualised to each traveller and vaccines are prescribed per person, depending on individual medical history and risk.

How much are the vaccinations going to cost me?

General travel vaccinations vary in price from $35.00 - $160.00* each. Some very specific vaccines which are occasionally used for travellers going to high risk locations can cost a lot more. Your doctor will discuss these costs with you before you decide whether to proceed with the recommended vaccination.

How much is malaria medication?

Malaria medication varies in price from approximately $8.00 - $53.00 per week* depending on the medication type and duration of your trip. The doctor will discuss and advise you on the best option for your needs.

Can I get any money back through Medicare?

For Australian residents, part of the doctor consultation may be claimable through Medicare.

How much money will I get back through Medicare?

This depends on a number of factors as determined by Medicare including the length of your appointment and the doctor you see.

Can I claim for the vaccinations through my private health insurance?

If you have the appropriate level of cover you may be able to claim a rebate through your private health insurance for part of the cost of your vaccines. Claiming from private health insurance is completed by yourself after full payment is made.


Prices ranges quoted include GST and are based on standard fee schedules.