Chikungunya in the Americas update

Reports of new chikungunya cases continue to trickle in, as the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) on Feb 10 reported only 126 new cases, bringing the yearly total so far to 708 cases.

Most of the new cases were in the Andean region, with Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela all reporting new cases. Columbia reported 31 new cases, bringing the country's total to 137. Peru added 50 more cases to reach 148 for 2017, and Venezuela had 12 new cases. Venezuela now has 23 suspected or confirmed chikungunya cases.

Last week, Mexico reported its first case of chikungunya for the year, and this week added two more to the case count this week. Peurto Rico also reported its first case this week. There are now nine countries reporting Chikunguna activity to the PAHO in 2017.

Affected Regions

South America