Yellow Fever

What is Yellow Fever?
Yellow fever (YF) is a mosquito borne illness that carries a case-fatality ratio of 20 – 50% for severe cases. The illness is endemic (always present) in sub-Saharan Africa and tropical South America.

Yellow fever vaccination is relatively safe and extremely effective. Under international health regulations, proof of vaccination is compulsory for travel within endemic regions. Proof of yellow fever vaccine may also be needed to re-enter Australia once returning from overseas.

To comply with vaccination regulations, ensure you carry your yellow fever vaccination certification with your passport and travel documents. 


Yellow Fever Vaccine: How Long Does it Last?

From 11 July 2016, validity of the vaccination certificate has changed from ten years to the duration of the life of the person vaccinated.


Yellow fever symptoms occur three to six days after being bitten by an infected (Aedes) mosquito and include fever, abdominal pain, and vomiting. The ‘yellow’ in the name refers to the yellowing of the skin which is due to severe jaundice caused by liver failure.


Yellow fever vaccines are relatively safe and extremely effective. Insect avoidance is key. Visit Travel Doctor-TMVC website for up to date information on yellow fever endemic areas.