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COVID-19 Requirements When Travelling

As life and travel return to a sense of normalcy, it is important to remember that we aren’t out of the pandemic yet, we still need to remember the effects of COVID-19 when planning any trips. Before your holiday starts, it is worthwile to consider any impacts COVID-19 may have pre, post, and during your vaction. It is essential that you are organised to ensure that your holiday runs as smoothly as possible.

Some factors to consider:

Does your Airline have Specific COVID-19 Requirements? If Travelling on Different Airlines, do the Requirements Change from Airline to Airline?

Each airline has different requirements in regard to COVID-19. This means that understanding what needs to be done for your airline can be difficult. The easiest way to understand your airline’s COVID-19 requirements is by heading to their website. This should give you all the information you need. The status may change depending on the country you are visiting. For more information click here


What Needs to be Done Before Departure?

Before departing for your trip, you will need to make sure you are aware of any entry requirements you may need to fulfil at your destination. Each destination’s requirements are different; you may need to do a RAT or PCR test and this may need to be done a certain amount of hours before departure. It is also important to check what specific documents you need to bring. For more information click here

Along with checking the COVID-19 requirements, you should also plan out your travel country by country. Doing so will ensure that you have the correct information for each place you are travelling. Things like visas, vaccines etc. all need to be organised ahead of time. For more information click here


Do you need Travel Insurance?

Smartraveller says that travel insurance is just as important as having a passport. When travelling, things don’t always go to plan. Having travel insurance can give you the peace of mind that you will not be in financial debt if you get sick or injured, lose your luggage, or have to cancel your trip. With COVID-19 still infecting many daily, you never know when you may contract it and how severe your case may be.

Some countries have a requirement when it comes to travel insurance. It may not be a choice for you, it could be mandatory depending on where you are going. Places like Dubai and Thailand are just two of the countries where it is mandatory to have travel insurance. To find out more click here

Need Any Further Help?

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