YF confirmed in Bauchi, Ebonyi states, Nigeria; E-Yellow Card; Floods worsen cholera outlook

Four yellow fever (YF) cases reported over the past month in the state of Bauchi have been confirmed to date, however, according to a NCDC media release, tests results are pending on eight of 10 cases (7 fatal) which occurred in people who visited Yankari Game Reserve in August and who are suspected to have contracted YF. While in the SW state of Ebonyi, 9 of more than 55 suspected YF infections recorded in Izzi district have been laboratory-confirmed amid a rising death toll (currently 20) – a reactive vaccination campaign is planned.

IN OTHER YF news: information on the e-Yellow Card, which since July 1 this year must be used by Nigerian citizens and residents when they require proof of yellow fever vaccination, is detailed on the UK’s travelhealthpro website.

AID RESPONSES to cholera outbreaks still active in the states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe have been compromised by recent heavy rains and flash floods with the situation made worse by damage to sanitation infrastructure. According to ReliefWeb, the likelihood of more outbreaks is heightened as a result. Read more.

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