Summary of Nigerian polio reports

From the GPEI’s weekly report on polio cases, Nigeria logged 37 cVDPV2 cases from 12 states (14 cases in Kebbi), while both Senegal (Diourbel) and Somalia (Middle Juba region) detected a single case each. Following World Polio Day earlier this week, the WHO has published ‘Pursuing the endgame: novel polio vaccine rollout in Africa’, providing details of the campaign to tackle the rising numbers of vaccine-derived polio cases through the use of the novel oral polio vaccine type 2 (nOPV2). In other news, next month the newly minted African Medicines Agency will begin its role in coordinating ‘national and regional regulatory efforts, support local manufacturing and pharmacy, and act against substandard and falsified medicines’. Read more

Affected Regions


Affected Countries