Mosquito borne diseases in India

Diphtheria in UP; JE count for Assam; Top ranking for dengue, chikungunya

Thirteen diphtheria cases, resulting in at least two deaths, have been reported this year from several areas in the city of Ghaziabad, a suburb of Delhi and New Delhi in Uttar Pradesh. In announcing the cases last month, WHO officials blamed ‘Vaccine hesitancy, lack of awareness and illiteracy’.

OF THE 447 Japanese encephalitis (JE) cases (and 51 deaths) recorded nationwide to September this year, Assam reported 212 of the cases (and 39 of the deaths). While vaccination programs have been aimed at children in the past, the focus is now to offer the protection of the JE vaccine to people aged between 15 and 65 years of age. States with a lower incidence of both JE cases and deaths than Assam this year are Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Jharkhand. Read more.

THE LATEST ECDC update on dengue and chikungunya reports around the globe rank India number one for both diseases over the four previous weeks. Other countries with high dengue numbers were Brazil, Pakistan, Colombia and Vietnam. Read more

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