Borneo is the largest island in Asia and home to an ancient 140 million year old rainforest - one of the oldest in the world. As a location of pure wildness, Borneo astounds with over 15,000 species of flowering plants, 3,000 species of trees, 221 terrestrial mammals and 420 species of birds. Borneo gives a glimpse into days gone past.

Pre-travel Preparation Will Help Protect Your Health While You Are Away

With the delights of the rainforest come possible exposure to serious illness and disease. Consult a travel doctor prior to departure to assess your risks in relation to your medical history and travel plans.

Safe Eating and Drinking Practices

One of the great pleasures of travel is sampling the local cuisine. However, contaminated food and beverages are a common cause of traveller’s diarrhoea and other gastrointestinal illnesses. Safe eating and drinking practices are essential in minimising your risk of contracting traveller’s diarrhoea.

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