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Typhoid fever outbreak in Auckland

7 Apr 2017 (UPDATE)
The number of confirmed cases in the Auckland typhoid outbreak has risen to 18 and is likely to grow. The Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) said there was one more probable case and a further two being investigated. The health service said the outbreak might have plateaued, as only a few new cases had arisen.

All cases were connected to the same Samoan Assembly of God church group, which meets in Mt Roskill. Those considered to be at highest risk of contracting typhoid were being closely monitored. Read More

5 April 2017
According to New Zealand news media there have been fifteen cases of typhoid fever in Auckland during the past fortnight. There has been one death but that patient had many other medical problems as well. The outbreak has been linked to a Pacific church community.

The Auckland Regional Public Health Service is following up with 60 contacts of the church group and treating the outbreak as a localised one. So far the source of the outbreak remains undetermined. Routine vaccination against typhoid fever is not recommended  in this localized situation but the outbreak is a reminder of the importance of the need for standard hygiene precautions everywhere. 

Dr Michael Sorokin
Moderator Travel Doctor-TMVC Journal


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