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Measles acquired in Bali

Newspapers in West Australia are carrying reports of measles in travellers to Bali. Such reports have been appearing over the years and since 2013 there have been 20 cases imported into West Australia from Bali. Earlier this month NSW Health issued a similar alert. Last week the Taiwanese Center for Communicable Diseases also reported on measles cases acquired in Bali. These cases have been in unvaccinated travellers or their unvaccinated contacts.

The Mumps-Measles-Rubella vaccinations form part of the standard Australian vaccination schedule and no child should go to Bali unvaccinated. Adolescents or adults who were not vaccinated in childhood, or in whom there is doubt, should receive an MMR vaccination before travel. Since the standard vaccination schedule calls for the first vaccination to be given at 12 months of age parents of babies younger than this who wish to travel to Bali should discuss the matter with their health professional.


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