Travel Doctor-TMVC premium COVID-19 travel service takes the stress out of navigating global travel restrictions, enabling you to focus on reconnecting with family and friends as the world returns to international travel.

Our fully managed service ensures all COVID testing for travel requirements are met and any supporting travel health documentation is completed in time for departure.

What is a Premium Travel Health COVID Service?

Our Premium Travel Health COVID Service manages all destination-specific COVID and travel health requirements including travel PCR and/or RAT testing and country-specific health declaration requirements.

Country and airline specific COVID entry requirements are often complicated and can change rapidly. Some countries simply require a negative PCR result 72 hours prior to travel, whilst others require proof of vaccination, serology with medical information, a doctor’s certificate, ‘Well to Go’ or a ‘Fit to Fly’ certification.

How does it work?

1. Booking

Call 1300 778 087 or complete the booking enquiry form here to book the travel health COVID service including itinerary and flight information. Travellers will be booked into the clinic for the required testing and consultations based on airline and destination ‘collection windows’, and required COVID Health documentation.

2. Confirmation email

A confirmation email will be sent to the traveller detailing consultation requirements including PCR testing timeframes in accordance with destination requirements, pathology collection and any required medical information, which will need to be prepared prior to the consultation to complete the health declarations. 

3. Pathology collection

Pathology collection will take place at the time of the consultation in our clinics. This ensures your employees avoid potential exposure to unwell people at testing facilities. 

4. Consultations

Consultations normally take 15 to 30 minutes depending on the destination and the documentation required and is carried out by friendly, efficient medical staff who realise time is important to their valued clients.

5. Results

Results are provided in the corresponding format to meet visa entry requirements for the destination in time for your employees to fly. Encrypted for added personal protection, privacy and confidentiality.

Service Fees

As a fully-managed COVID travel health service a management fee is incorporated into this service pricing. As a premium travel service we make no apologies for this. The service has been developed to take the stress out of returning to the air – with our teams ensuring you have the right COVID health documentation for your destination.

At the time of booking our team will confirm the service fee with you, to ensure you are only being charged for the services you need and nothing more. Please Note we are unable to provide you with destination requirements over the phone.

For an indication on what travel requirements you need to travel COVID Safely visit our page here.


Travel Doctor-TMVC will ensure you have all the required medical clearance paperwork for your destination prior to departure. HOWEVER If your plane gets redirected or transits through a destination that you have not declared to us we cannot guarantee you will have the correct COVID Clearances.