New Zealand local and global measles update

The number of measles cases in Auckland has climbed to 108 - most infections have been reported from West Auckland (48), followed by South (25) and Central Auckland (21). Elsewhere, Comoros has recorded 66 probable measles infections (only 16 confirmed to date), which is a substantial escalation of an earlier reported outbreak largely centred on Grand Comoros (Ngazidja), in Moroni District, site of the capital. Health and other infrastructure were damaged when Cyclone Kenneth struck the nation almost two months ago. In Madagascar, a series of vaccination campaigns have slowed the measles epidemic that had up to May 26 produced almost 150,000 cases and 910 deaths. Updates are also available for measles in Ethiopia, Chad and Niger from the regional WHO Weekly Bulletin. The DRC has suffered a massive 700% year-on-year hike in measles cases with 23 provinces affected up to mid-May. At that time, there were an estimated 87,000 suspected measles cases. 

The WHO Eastern Mediterranean region is experiencing a rise in measles reports, namely in Somalia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Tunisia and Lebanon. Read more.

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