More polio cases in Pakistan to add to 2020 totals; Measles deaths rise in the Sindh

Pakistan recorded one WPV1 case in Balochistan province to the GPEI last week, while in news on cVDPV2 in Africa, Chad’s single case in Mandoul took its 2020 total to 94 (cf. 11 in 2019), the three cVDPV2 cases in Côte D’Ivoire were in Gbeke, Belier and Agneby-Tiassa, and the DRC’s only case was in the western province of Mai-Ndombe. Read More

A MEASLES outbreak in Garhi Yasin, near the city of Jacobabad in NW Sindh province, has hospitalised least 20 local children and led to the deaths of two. Read more

Affected Regions