More local dengue found in SE France

Following further investigations, public health authorities in the SE department of Alpes-Maritimes have now confirmed a total of five local cases of dengue fever, all from a 100m radius in the town of Vallauris. As noted by the ECDC, ‘the occurrence of autochthonous transmission of dengue in the southern part of France in the late summer months is expected as Ae. albopictus is established and the environmental conditions at that time are suitable for vector activity’. The risk of further transmission is expected to taper off soon as the temperature drops however measures to avoid insect bites are advised nonetheless. And in Spain, another report of locally acquired dengue fever was published this week although the infections occurred in August. Two family members who had stayed in the cities of Cádiz and Murcia were diagnosed with dengue and a third relative is also suspected to have contracted the infection. Read more.

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