More H5N6 bird flu cases reported in December in China

Five more human avian influenza cases caused by the H5N6 virus were reported in December 2021– two in both Sichuan province (fatalities) and Guangxi autonomous region and a single case in Zhejiang province – and they take the 2021 total to 36. All but one had confirmed exposure to live domestic poultry. Hong Kong’s Centre for Health Protection (CHP) is monitoring the situation – more in the Jan 18 Avian Influenza Report which also includes details of four recent H9N2 infections involving children (in the provinces of Hubei, Jiangsu and Guangxi). These ongoing alerts are a reminder to anyone travelling to China for the upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations to avoid contact with live or dead poultry, in particular in wet markets, and to ensure strict hand hygiene measures are maintained. Read more

Affected Regions


Affected Countries