Measles updates for 4 European regions

A WHO Disease Outbreak News post on the situation in Europe cautions that 10 countries remain measles-endemic: Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia and Ukraine. In Jan/Feb this year 34,300 measles cases were reported from 42 European countries (more than 70% in Ukraine) and, as noted in the post, ‘Even with implementation of outbreak response measures, measles continues to circulate in the European Region as a result of suboptimal vaccination coverage and population immunity gaps.’ Switzerland has experienced over seven times the number of measles cases this year (compared to 2018) and last week announced the deaths of two men from measles-related complications (one 30yo, the other 70 years of age). In other measles reports from around the globe, the Philippines recorded 31,056 measles cases including 415 deaths between Jan 1 and Apr 13 - over half of all cases were in the National Capital Region, Calabarzon and Central Luzon. Health authorities in New Zealand say there have now been 42 measles cases in Auckland and one in a visitor to Wellington. Additional reports from the Western Pacific region are summarised in a WHO update issued on May 7. Three districts in Nepal have outbreaks of measles (Morang, Dang and Kapilvastu) while epidemics have been declared in numerous districts of Chad and Guinea. Read more.