Measles exposure, early start to Flu season in USA

Measles: Three infected Los Angeles County residents passed through LAX international Airport last week, Los Angeles health officials have advised, it is unclear how many individuals were exposes to the virus as a result. According to LAX’s website, on average more than 174,000 people travel through Los Angeles International each day on 1,659 flights. Read more

Flu: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) there has been an early start to the flu season, with numbers not seen since the 2003 -2004 seasons. There have already been 1.7 million cases of flu illnesses reported as well as approximately 16,000 hospitalization and 900 flu-related deaths. Read more Influenza B is still the most commonly detected strain, accounting for 68.5% of flu positives at clinical labs. High levels of influenza B are typically seen late in the flu season. Read more

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