Leptospirosis, dengue reports; JE in NE state of India

With the arrival of the monsoons and a corresponding uptick in associated infections such as leptospirosis, surveillance has been heightened in an area known as the Konkan belt, a coastal fringe which includes parts of Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka. Particular emphasis has been placed on Mumbai where many of Maharashtra’s leptospirosis cases and deaths have been reported over the past five years. People considered at high risk of the infection in areas that have recently been inundated with floodwaters have been administered prophylactic antibiotics. Dengue fever cases are on the rise in Karnataka (Bengaluru), while authorities in Delhi are preparing for the dengue outbreaks that normally eventuate between July and November.

THE STATE of Assam is in an active Japanese encephalitis season with several districts (four in Upper Assam and one in Lower Assam) reporting many of the cases. As many as 57 deaths have resulted from the more than 230 JE cases over the past three months.   Read more.

Affected Regions


Affected Countries