Hep A news from 4 US states; World Jamboree advice

Four updates this week in the multi-state hepatitis A outbreak first identified in 2016 among the homeless and illicit drug users and now totalling 15,000 cases and 140 deaths: Florida (1,585 cases for the year to May 4), Arizona (a 10-year high), Virginia and Louisiana.  

RECOMMENDED vaccinations for travellers to the World Scouting Jamboree being held in West Virginia from 22 July 22 to Aug 2 this year include most of the Australian Immunisation Program routine immunisations, with the exception of the hepatitis A vaccine. The UK’s fitfortravel website provides some relevant history of the event: ‘Following the 2015 jamboree in Japan, five scouts and one parent developed meningococcal infection’. Further, ‘USA is considered to be low risk for rabies, however wild animals such as foxes, skunks and racoons are high risk. You should avoid contact with wild animals including bats. A bite, lick or scratch from an animal whilst in the US should be reported and medical assessment sought immediately.’ Read more.

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