‘Falsified’ rabies vaccine alert in the Philippines; Manila’s measles upswing

Two batches of falsified rabies vaccine (Verorab®) have been found to be in circulation, leading to notification of the WHO and its subsequent release of Medical Product Alert N° 1/2019. A falsified medical product is one that ‘deliberately/fraudulently misrepresents their identity/composition/source. The WHO-approved cell culture vaccine is used for both pre- and post-exposure vaccinations to prevent rabies, an infection that kills between 200 and 300 Filipinos every year. The Philippines is in the top 10 of rabies incidence countries worldwide.

ONE major hospital in Manila has been treating large numbers of measles infections, resulting in overcrowding of wards and patients having to share beds. More than 1,000 measles admissions were recorded last month and there have been a number of associated deaths in children. Read more.

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Affected Countries