Europe Measles Update

Romania is currently dominating the figures in the measles outbreak affecting much of Europe. One local news article gives the data as: ‘4881 cases, including 23 deaths, nearly 90 illnesses more than the previous week. Cases of measles have spread in 38 counties, mostly in -Caraş Severin - 943, Timis - 903 and Arad - 831. Of the 4881 cases, 4,696 are people who have never been vaccinated. Read more.

In the neighbouring Bulgaria, Plovdiv district has recorded 65 suspected measles cases in the latest outbreak, 4 of those over the weekend. A health official was quoted as saying that most cases (32) were in the city of Plovdiv, with several other towns also affected (Sadovo, Stamboliyski, Maritsa, Krichim, Rodopi, Brezovo, Kaloyanovo, Rakovski and Karlovo). Read more

A European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) update issued on Monday, titled ‘Measles does not only affect children: trends for 2016 and outbreaks in Europe during 2017’,  stressed the need for ensuring that vaccinations were up to date for all ages because ‘in 2014 over half of the cases were in adults over 20 years old, in 2015 and 2016 this age group accounted for approximately one third of all cases.’ 

Affected Regions