Elevated hospitalisation rates among Auckland’s measles cases

A higher incidence of measles infections in children under 4 observed during Auckland’s outbreak has resulted in hospitalisation rates of between 35 and 40% (usually around 10%). The regional health service (ARPHS) report issued on Oct 1 notes that ‘Around 52% of children under 5 years with measles have been hospitalised in this outbreak, and Maori and Pacific children and adults are more likely to be in hospital with measles, with Maori rates at 41% and Pacific rates at 37%.’ To date the agency has registered complications including pneumonia, encephalitis and two miscarriages. Auckland’s measles case count has risen to 1,329. A measles alert for the Perth suburb of Rockingham, Western Australia is believed to be associated with a recent visitor from New Zealand who was infectious during his stay - five cases have been linked with the report to date. Last week UNICEF issued a health advisory warning of the heightened risk of the spread of measles in the Western Pacific as ‘some Pacific island countries and areas have not reached the 95% immunization coverage target for measles, making them more vulnerable to outbreaks’. Read more.

Affected Regions


Affected Countries