Dengue epidemic declared in Wallis & Futuna, more regional dengue

Following two years of dengue virus type 1 circulating, the appearance and then increase in both local and imported cases of type 2, plus the upcoming cyclone season, an epidemic has been declared (centred mainly on Hihifo district in Wallis’ north). With this the public is being asked to ramp up anti-dengue measures and promptly report symptoms of dengue fever. Also in the region, an update on the dengue situation in the Marshall Islands reveals the total count has risen to 1,165 suspected and confirmed cases from four locations - Ebeye, Majuro, Utrik and Aur. While in French Polynesia, the type 2 dengue outbreak continues – more than 2,000 cases have been detected since April and 13 islands are in epidemic phase, a further five are on alert. Read more.

Affected Regions


Affected Countries