Cholera and Measles in the Democratic Republic of Congo

NGO assists in Kwango province; Cholera hotspots in 2 provinces; Measles in capital

A Médecins Sans Frontières’ (MSF) team has treated nearly 2,200 people for typhoid fever in Popakabaka district, Kwango province, and the downward trend in new cases is likely to come to an end after the rainy season set in last month. The organisation has also tended to 3,500 people suffering from malaria.

CHOLERA is endemic in the east of the country (North and South Kivu, Tanganyika, Haut Katanga and Haut Lomami) but sporadic outbreaks become more widespread during the wet season. The latest hotspots according to the WHO regional bulletin are in Tanganyika and South Kivu which ‘have reported almost all cases notified in week 36 (week ending 12 September 2021)’. The agency does note however that the outbreaks this year are of ‘a much lower intensity compared to the same period in the previous four years’. Read more

MEASLES outbreaks have been declared in four health zones of the capital, Kinshasa (Kingabwa, Police, Nsele and Masina 2). Vaccination campaigns are now planned for the affected health zones and those nearby, aimed at protecting children aged from six months to 14 years. Read more

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