Another traveller in the UK diagnosed with monkeypox; Scarlatina season

Last week the PHE announced the UK’s fourth monkeypox case, in a traveller arriving from Nigeria. The person is undergoing treatment in hospital and any contacts are being monitored. In September 2018 England also reported two unrelated monkeypox infections, with subsequent onward transmission to a healthcare worker. The most recent update on monkeypox in Nigeria dates from September 2019 – two states recorded more than half of all confirmed cases (Delta and Lagos).

LOCAL news sources are reporting a rise in the number of scarlet fever notifications, following the seasonal pattern of peak incidence between December and April. Between 400 and 500 cases are being recorded each week but numbers for the YTD are around half of those in 2018 (14295 cf. 30950) according to the week 49 NOIDs Weekly Report. Read more.

Affected Regions


Affected Countries