Egypt is a major destination for Australian travellers. The magnificence of the pyramids and wonders of ancient Egypt together with the natural beauty of the Nile are enduring draw cards for tourists.

Pre-travel Preparation Will Help Protect Your Health While You Are Away

While it is easy to think of Egypt as a warm and dry destination with little risk of illness, there are specific disease and illness that can greatly impact upon your trip. Rabies, malaria and typhoid are all present within Egypt.

These diseases are prevented by appropriate vaccination or medication. Please consult a travel doctor prior to departure to assess your risks in relation to your medical history and travel plans. Our doctors prescribe vaccinations and medications that may minimise your risk of contracting potentially deadly diseases.

Warm Climates

Travellers invariably overindulge in ‘sunlust’ activities while traveling in warm climates. It is important to make sure you apply sunscreen regularly and stay hydrated as dehydration and heat stroke often go unrecognised.

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