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Traveller's medical kits

Travel Doctor-TMVC clinics sell a range of tailored medical kits based on your travel requirements. Through years of experience, our team of travel health professionals have selected an essential range of products that can keep you safe & well on your travels.

Our range of travel medical kits contain prescription medication so we can only sell them once you have had a consultation with one of our doctors. During that consultation, the doctor will discuss your travel plans and recommend the ideal kit for your trip.

If you do not wish to purchase a kit at the time of your initial consultation, please contact the clinic and arrange a brief appointment with one of the clinic's nurses and they will be all too happy to discuss the kit with you at a later date.



You can purchase any of these products on site in our Travel Doctor-TMVC Clinics or by calling our sales team on 1800 MYTMVC (1800 698 682). Phone Orders can be couriered to you overnight depending on your location. We offer overnight delivery and free shipping.

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