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The Travel Doctor-TMVC is the only national network of devoted travel health clinics in Australia, and we provide pre-travel preparation  with efficiency and value for money. We look after your people and your organisation. Our clinics are highly accessible, open extended hours and have a national facility for 24 hour communication. We offer national, and international capability.

Corporate TravelCorporate Travel

We understand that business travellers need to get a job done. Protecting the health of your staff overseas is essential to ensuring the job gets done and with as little inconvenience as possible. But operating internationally may present risk for staff, and travel health issues are important. 



Government AgenciesGovernment Agencies

Travel Doctor-TMVC has been the preferred supplier to Government in Australia for many years, and we understand the specific needs of official travel, both short-term and for postings. We have an international network of providers for referral purposes, and can advise Departments across the full range of travel health services.

Assistance with policy, a full range of service delivery and ability to deliver rapid response requirements are all catered for.  We understand reporting requirements, and comply with all confidentiality requirements. Our national capability can deliver services on time, at the right cost.

Humanitarian / Development SectorHumanitarian/Development Sector

Travel Doctor-TMVC is proud to have been the preferred provider to most of Australia's (and many overseas) development organisations over many years. We have tried to ensure that we can offer the services that flexible, mobile and busy organisations in the Aid sector, and the development arena require.




For the short term traveller:

    • The most current medical advice on international health risks
    • Individualised reviews on a trip by trip basis, including managing travellers with medical problems
    • Visa medicals where required
    • A complete range of vaccinations
    • International vaccination booklets to keep as personal vaccination records
    • Antimalarial medications and information leaflets on malaria
    • A broad selection of standard and customised medical kits for travellers including an authorisation booklet and instructions for use.
    • Management of illness in the unwell returned traveller
    • A range of billing options

For the Frequent traveller:

    • Travel Doctor-TMVC provides specialised servives to minimise the need to visit our clinics.

For the long-term international assignment:

    • Customised medical examinations, with recommendation of suitability for a particular overseas assignment . medicals can be designed to met company OH&S requirements
    • Preparation for overseas assignments with vaccinations, medications and medical kits
    • An array of relevant psychological services for longterm assignees
    • Assistance with ex-patriate health service requirements

For the Organisation:

  • Travel Doctor-TMVC provides talks, presentations or seminar speakers on issues relating to traveller health and expatriates based overseas
  • A wide range of psychological screening, counselling services, and critical incident management
  • Occupational health and safety site inspections for companies in remote and/ or exotic locations.
  • The Travel Doctor-TMVC can act as your defacto medical officer for problems relating to travel or illness on return from overseas.
  • We provide assistance with travel health policy development
  • We provide consulting services for all OH&S requirements for companies that have internationally travelling staff.

  • Resources for Organisations - use this link to find useful resources for organisations in managing their Travel Health needs
  • Travel Doctor-TMVC Psychological Services - use this link to find a range of psychological services that support organisations with travellers
  • OH&S Resources - use this link to find useful services in assisting organisation manage various OH&S issues
  • Learn about the medical requirements for your destination by checking out the Destination fact sheets
  • Other useful information can be found in the Travel fact sheets
  • Work out your vaccine requirements by looking at the Vaccination Planner

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