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Travel Checklists

To avoid being on the SICK LIST

Download a PDF version of the Travel Health Check List here.

  • Consult a travel health specialist
  • Ensure your vaccines are up to date
  • Always carry your Travellers Medical Kit
  • Take out travel insurance
  • Avoid mosquitos, flies & other biting insects
  • Don’t go near or touch local animals
  • Eat & drink safely
  • boil it, peel it, cook it…or forget it!
  • Respect local laws & customs
  • Take anti-malarial pills if necessary
  • Apply sunscreen regularly

Visit www.SmartTraveller.gov.au when planning your holiday and before departing. Have a check-up on return if you’ve been sick.

Did you know?

Around 18% of travellers lose at least 1 day of their trip to illness, with almost 4% losing 4 or more days of their trip.

No. of days lost vs percentage of travellers


Corporate Traveller Checklist
Humanitarian Worker Checklist