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Corporate Traveller

Travelling Workforce
Your workforce is your greatest asset, and keeping employees happy and healthy is key to productivity. In today’s global economy, business people are travelling further and at shorter notice to more isolated areas than ever before. Consequently, the threat posed by illness & injury to successful business outcomes has intensified.
Each year Australian businesses absorb over $7 Billion in indirect costs associated with absenteeism due to poor health1. Failure to properly manage the health risks of travelling employees can be costly. Travel Doctor lives and breaths travel medicine advice and will provide a comprehensive plan for how your employees can keep healthy and safe while aboard. This may include pre-deployment medicals, travel management of chronic disease, complex conditions, vaccination requirements, medical kits, plus more.

The Travel Doctor-TMVC oers complete corporate travel health services including:
• Pre-travel health preparation
• Pre-deployment medical assessments
• Pre-departure health and safety briefings
• Vaccinations
• Travellers medical kits
• Presentations and training
• OHS/WHS policy and procedure development
• On-line pre-travel advice and service
• Post travel assessment and review

For further information about maintaining peak performance for you and your staff during your business trip, contact Travel Doctor-TMVC on info@traveldoctor.com.au

1. Medibank Private 2008: The cost of physical inactivity.