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Yet another report on life-threatening local brews

Yet another case has been reported in the local press of methanol poisoning. A 19-year old fromPerthWAis in intensive care after consuming laced drinks at a New Years Eve party on theislandofLombok. In 2011 a holiday maker fromPerthdied from this cause inBali. The President of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Richar Choong has  urged action on the part of  by the Health Department, the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Australian Federal Police and asked the airlines with flights toBalito provide all the passengers with warnings adverse effects of methanol.

Methanol is manufactured from fermented rice and palm sap and is added to brews to give rise to their alcoholic nature.

In June 2009 we reported on this website  on cases of methanol poisoning (including deaths in two tourists) in Bali caused by adulteration of local arak, and in the past there have been similar reports in Uganda and Turkey about adulterated local brews and last year this was the suggested cause of the death of two Canadian tourists in Thailand. We repeat the warning note to tourists that whilst it may seem exotic to partake of cheap home-made "traditional" drinks it is a whole lot safer to stick to established if more expensive brands