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New human cases with bird flu in Cambodia

A joint statement issued  by the Cambodian Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization on 25 Jan 2013] reported that three new cases of H5N1 (avian influenza) infection  in humans have been confirmed. Two victims, a 15-year-old girl and a 35-year-old man,died earlier this week while an 8-month-old boy  admitted to hospital in Phnom Penh on 9 Jan 2013 has  recovered. There was evidence of infections among poultry in the villages of the 2 who died.


Cambodia has now  recorded 24 cases of H5N1 since 2003 with all but 3 of the victims dying. The virus is communicated to humans by direct contact with infected birds although there have been a few cases resulting from close contact with infected patients. Travellers are advised to avoid contact with live poultry in villages or in live bird markets. Cooked poultry is perfectly safe.