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Get travel ready with the specialists in travel medicine
At the Travel Doctor-TMVC we live and breathe travel medicine advice and will provide a comprehensive plan for how a traveller can keep healthy and safe while abroad.

Before you go
- We provide you with individual medical advice on international health risks on a location by location  
  basis, personalised to your itinerary.
- We can offer advice or assessment on any existing medical issues, visa application health checks and
  provide fitness to travel certificates.
- Our clinics have the full range of vaccinations on site. Travel Doctor-TMVC clinics are World
  Health Organisation (WHO) approved yellow fever centres.

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If your trip is work related, please check with your employer for the preferred clinic location.

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Please note: Presently not all Travel Doctor-TMVC clinics accept on-line booking requests. Clinics offering this service can be selected from the list below.